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Poseidon's Wrath

A year after Atalanta and Damien were brought together by the Pythia, they are once more called together. All around the Mediterranean there are strange storms, mysterious disappearances, and gruesome murders. Though the events are seemingly unrelated, Calista is convinced they are the work of Poseidon. She tasks Atalanta and Damien to put an end to the destruction. With old allies and new, they must face sea monsters, pirates, fearful mortals, and sirens on their way to finding, and stopping, Poseidon.

Book two of the Legend's Legacy series

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Katherine is a young woman working multiple part-time jobs and attending university in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She's always considered herself level-headed, so when her house turns out to be haunted, she has no idea what to do next. Through some luck (and a lot of trial-and-error), she is able to befriend the ghost of the young girl, Eloise. But just when things seem to be settling down, Eloise is taken. What might have once been what Katherine would have wanted is now an unthinkable disaster. Can Katherine figure out how to save Eloise and bring her home?

A stand-alone novella

Best Laid Plots

(Description coming soon)